Parama Dasgupta

Hello! Welcome to my profile.

I am Parama from the beautiful country of India. Having an honors degree in Sociology and a Post-graduation degree in Pubic relations, I freelance as a writer specializing in website content writing, article writing, and fiction writings. I have more than six years of experience, writing for a few of the popular websites in the web world. Being a published author as well, I enjoy writing on entertainment, lifestyle, history, and social issues but also work on technology and general knowledge.

Writing is my passion and I have quit my full-time job as a P.R manager to pursue my passion. 

So if you need content that speaks to your audience, keeps your existing readers hooked and lure in new readers to your website or otherwise, I would absolutely love to hear from you. Connect with me at

Why Marketing Automation is crucial for the Healthcare sector | | ValueLabs

Why Marketing Automation is crucial for the Healthcare sector ike every industry, the healthcare industry too needs assistance when it comes to meeting customers’ requirements better, and improving the services it offers. Marketing Automation is one such Digital Marketing technology that empowers and thereby, assists the healthcare segment to better target focused demographics in terms of segregating customers into specific bands based on different criteria such as behavior, requirements, and s

Email practices that must be avoided at all costs | | ValueLabs

Email practices that must be avoided at all costs There are good, bad and best practices in email marketing that we must adhere to. Sadly, while we all know what the bad practices are, we adopt them anyway just to make things convenient for us. Some email practices that need to be stayed away from include: It is always polite to first email and ask a person if he is willing to be on the list at all before adding him. This way, he is much more receptive of the mail and won’t just delete it or

Conversion Rate Optimization | | ValueLabs

Why is CRO carried out? You are likely to lose the opportunity of signing up people who use your browser if there is a blockage somewhere in you signup widget, for instance, it not working on Chrome. CRO helps you look at problems from a new perspective so that you can identify and fix your barriers to conversions and get more footfalls on your website. CRO includes an in-depth analysis of everything on the landing page of your website, starting from the structure to the content of the page. T

The Guest House

In life, we often come across experiences that are beyond any explanations. Some believe in the existence of something out of our realm and then there are some who don’t. What happens when our worst nightmare stares right in our face and we have nowhere to run? “Yes, mom I’ll call you as soon as I reach Bangalore. Yes! I promise!” “I’ll miss you too mom! I love you. Bye”. She hung up and sighed. This was the first time Gia was going out of Kolkata, her home, where she spent all her life so

The Chat Room

• None Jahanvi: 28-year Indian girl. About 5’6” in height, she is the girl-next-door. She worked as a consultant before quitting her job to write a book. • None Ananya: 33-year old housewife. A pretty Indian girl, who moves to the US after marrying Dr. Rajesh Nayar. • None Mark Johnson: A 35-year old journalist with The New York Express. He’s six feet tall and Caucasian. • None Julianne Sanders: Senior Editor with New York Express. Tall, strikingly beautiful lady in her early 40s, with a slende

What Women Like In Men Differs From What Men Think

Ever since Adam and Eve, man has been struggling with the burning question – “What is it that women want?” To figure out what women think and want has been an epic struggle of mankind ever since life started on Earth (or perhaps even before that!). The basic reason behind this confusion is the fact that men and women process thoughts and emotions in drastically different ways. Research has indicated that women base their decision making thoughts on emotions 30% more than their male counterparts

10 Weird Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas is almost always about celebrations, exchanging gifts, having fun, and going to the church. Many elements make up Christmas, like gorging on a Christmas feast of turkey and pudding, leaving out cookies and milk for Santa at night, hanging up Christmas stockings, opening presents under the Christmas tree, and overall, having a great time with family and friends. While that’s what Christmas is to most of us, there are some parts of the world where you can find Christmas traditions and c

6 amazing ways your marriage is going to change you

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person,” said Mignon McLaughlin. And this is the only thing about marriage that should not change, because the rest of the things probably would. Yes, marriage transforms you in more ways than you can imagine. Just the fact that you are now responsible for another person apart from yourself, brings a lot of changes in you and your life. Let’s see all the ways marriage changes you. It is as simple as saying, ‘I’ get